Retail Firewood

Wood Galore prides itself on offering you the best quality products and service every time.

Our retail firewood range consists of:

Mixed Hardwoods – is a high-quality mixture of all firewood available.
Vintage Ironbark & Box Hardwood – This firewood is VERY hot and slow burning and has been seasoned for 10 - 15years. This product is the best on the market.

Delivered Firewood Products

Mixed Hardwoods

Vintage Ironbark & Box Hardwood

Yard Pricing

Payment on Pickup

1 cage

Mixed Hardwood - $180
QLD Iron Bark & Box Hardwood - $220

1/2 scoop

Mixed Hardwood - $90
QLD Iron Bark & Box Hardwood - $110

1 scoop

Mixed Hardwood - $180
QLD iron Bark & Box Hardwood - $220


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